2018 Festival Preview

As Sechrist Travel looks forward to our 2018 Travel Season, we are elated at the response to our ongoing festivals in New York, Seattle, and Washington, DC.  Our Gotham SINGS! series, Gotham SINGS! Showcase and A Christmas Holiday Spectacular continue to be favorites, and for good reason.  Who wouldn’t want the chance to perform in the historic Carnegie Hall in New York, under the direction of many distinguished and accomplished directors?

Additionally, our Emerald City SINGS! festival hosted in Seattle is gaining momentum and should be another amazing performance in a spectacular venue, St. Mark’s Cathedral.

Recently, we have also had the opportunity to create a festival in our nation’s capital.  The National Cathedral in Washington, DC will be the backdrop for what is building up to be an incredible event.

For more information about these and other upcoming opportunities, including international tours and festivals, please contact us at info@sechristtravel.com


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