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Sechrist Travel provides fun, professional and personalized planning for all of our clients, including our educational and recreational groups! We are a small team of travel experts who know how to provide a meaningful travel opportunity. All of our specialists have first hand travel experience, allowing us to provide you unique personal experiences, knowledge and a passion for travel that you won’t find anywhere else.

With Sechrist Travel, you won’t have to accept a “one-size-fits-all” template. Let’s plan an experience for you that will be life changing. How far can your imagination take you?

2021 Leisure & Speciality Tours

Attention Independent Travelers! – Here is your chance to join Sechrist Travel for our popular Leisure& Speciality Tours.  Each one is designed with a theme in mind that focuses on the culture, sights & sounds, national cuisine and beverage.  These tours are curated and custom designed, based on our experiences and personal relationships built over several years of traveling to these destinations with groups of travelers.

AUSTRIA WINE TOURAugust 2021 – South Styrian Wine Dreamer – The Wine-Grower’s Valhalla

Join Sechrist Travel for an adventure along the South Styrian Wine Road! Enjoy a week of delicious food, fantastic wine, and beautiful sights in Austria. The Southern Styrian Wine Route is Austria’s oldest wine route and is made even more special by the fact that it’s just a few kilometers from the Slovenian border. More Info…




BIERFESTSeptember 2021 – Attend Oktoberfest (Munich) & Canstatter Volksfest (Stuttgart)

Attention Beer Fans!! We are excited to be adding an exciting Bierfest Tour to our 2021 tour line-up. Meet us in Munich for the REAL Oktoberfest next year! More Info…






ULTIMATE BEER TOUROctober 2021 – Beer Lovers Tour To Czech Republic, Austria, & Germany

Join Sechrist Travel for an incredible travel experience through Central Europe, proving that beer, history, and culture create an incredible travel experience. But it’s not just about the beer – there’s plenty of art, architecture, history, and culture thrown into the mix. More Info…





TUSCANY CULINARY & WINE TOUROctober 2021 – in Italy’s romantic Tuscany Region

Join Sechrist Travel for an adventure in the Italian Food & Wine culture! Enjoy a week of delicious food, fantastic wine, and beautiful sights in Italy’s beautiful TuscanyRegion! More Info…






CHRISTKINDLMARKTDecember 2021 – Tour Famous Christmas Markets in Rothenburg odt, Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna

Join Sechrist Travel as we explore the magical sights and sounds of the famous and charming Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria. Don’t worry – You will be home in time for Christmas! More Info…






  • Spain Monasteries & Wines TourSeptember/October 2021 – A week through art, history and food across Old Castile and Rioja in Central Spain!
  • Ireland Whiskey & Ruins TourDecember 2021/January 2022Celebrate New Year’s Eve in DUBLIN!


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