Sechrist Travel Presents

Rockford High School’s

2018 Italy Tour Payment Center

Sechrist Travel is proud to partner with Rockford Choirs to facilitate a tour of Italy in the Spring of 2018.

Below you will find a link to pay for the next payment due.

Please note, there is a 4% processing fee for all online payments.

To avoid this fee, please mail checks prior to the deadlines to:

Sechrist Travel, 415 125th Street SE, Everett, WA, 98208


We have outlined the schedule of payments so that you can check back prior to each installment due date.  Please make a separate payment for each traveler.


Final Payment
Due 2/15/18

Amounts will vary depending on each individual account.  Please refer to your latest email from Tom Price that outlines your balance.  If paying online, remember to include the 4% surcharge as listed in the aforementioned email.


If you have any payment questions, please contact us at

Please direct any other questions to your local Choir Director.  Thank-you!