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Emerald City SINGS! 2016 SEATTLE

Emerald City SINGS! Choral Festival (Seattle)  René Clausen, Guest Conductor Special Guests: Northwest Sinfonietta St James Cathedral – Seattle, WA March 30 – April 3, 2016 Sechrist Travel has invited choral ensembles and singers to participate in the EMERALD CITY SINGS! Choral Festival scheduled for March 30 – April 3, 2016. This

2016 Thanksgiving Holiday Concert

A Christmas Holiday Spectacular! Featuring composer, conductor, arranger, Dr. John Leavitt, the NYC Festival Chamber Orchestra, and your choir! Be a part of the New York Holiday Festival Choir for this exciting event! Join Dr. Leavitt as he celebrates 30 years of publishing music, as well as, his 60th Birthday Celebration! Confirmed dates are: Tuesday, November 22 thru

2016 GOTHAM SINGS! Ensemble Showcase

Sechrist Travel presents the Gotham SINGS! Ensemble Showcase. This annual Spotlight Performance Series is part of our Gotham SINGS! Ensemble Showcase, designed to present outstanding bands, choirs, orchestras, and music programs in World Class venues throughout New York City. This event celebrates specially invited ensembles being featured


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