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We have just returned from a week long tour to Germany visiting the two largest beer festivals in Germany, Munich's Oktoberfest and Stuttgart's Cannstatter Volksfest. Following 2 years of cancellations and postponements, we finally set out on September 19 for Munich.  There were many liters

CROATIA – Pearls of the Adriatic

Join Sechrist Travel in July 2021 for our food, culture, and heritage tour in CROATIA. This is a non-performance tour gear to the individual traveler wanting to be a part of a small group. Limited to 20 travelers. Have you heard of GAME OF THRONES? Dubrovnik IS


Sechrist Travel is hard at work developing Tour & Travel experiences and opportunities for small groups.  These are leisure tours for individuals, couples, and small group.  These tours are all non-performance tours and are focused on history, culture, cuisine, and customs. These tours are for


Reserve your spot now for this tour and attend the 2021 OKTOBERFEST in Munich, Germany AND the CANNSTATTER VOLKSFEST in Stuttgart, Germany!

Italy Culinary & Wine Tour

With the announcement from the Vatican that the Vatican Museums reopen to the public on June 1st with new timetables and new rules, this is finally good news for the tourism. Sechrist Travel is hard at work developing Tour & Travel experiences and opportunities for smaller

Navigating Customs with Musical Instruments

Moving any valuable items – like musical instruments – across borders can be difficult and time-consuming.  Customs officers abroad want to be sure that you will take your equipment with you when you leave their country, and customs officials on your return will want to

Perform and Experience Christkindlmarkt!

Journey through Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic as you are immersed in a world of colorful light, vibrant sound, and delicious smells.  If you have never been to a Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas Market, you are in for a treat!  Share your Christmas Spirit by 

Budget constraints…

We have the pleasure of working with course advisor, Dr. Beth Everett, and her study abroad program for LaGrange College this coming travel season.  They are touring the Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy at an amazingly low cost.  One might ask how they are able

A Christmas Spectacular

It's official! A Christmas Spectacular will be held in the historic Carnegie Hall in New York City on November 24, 2018. Participants of the festival will perform under the artistic direction of Dr. John Leavitt.  Dr. Leavitt promises an inspiring, heart warming production, with a